Olayinka (Ola) Ope is originally from Lagos, Nigeria but had resided in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for approximately 7 years. Ola attended University of Pennsylvania where she majored in Economics with a minor in Criminology. Prior to law school, Ola worked for a Christian non-profit, CRU, as a campus affiliate staff.  Summer after 1L, Ola was a summer associate at regionally recognized firm in Michigan.


Ola is passionate about social justice issues, reading, the intersection of religion and law, and transactional law, especially antitrust litigation. Ola is also figuring out what to do with a legal degree before it is too late. To aid her in the process of figuring it all out, Ola is a student writer for the Journal of Corporate Law and is a member of student organizations, such as IowaCRU, International Law Society, and Christian Legal Society.